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eBay | Renew Your Ride

eBay | Renew Your Ride


director, Creative producer / promotional event coverage

During 2023 Memorial Day weekend, eBay Motors hosted a 3-Day 'Renew Your Ride' event in Atlanta, GA to promote the eBay Guaranteed Fit and provide free consultations and up to $200 in parts and accessories to attendees. eBay Motors teamed up with Donut, the YouTube automotive sensation with over 7 million subscribers, to hook up T-Pain with an update to his legendary 1994 Accord. 

Director, Creative Producer - Alicia Parker 

Director of Photography - Julian Focareta

Drone Pilot - Michael Girandola

Gaffer - Zach McDowell

Photographer - WIRE 

Digital Tech - Jeff, Collective Gallery

Editor - Joseph An 

Assistant Editor - Hayden Fralin 

Production Assistant - Rose Marie Andrews

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